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The fire continued to blaze at 7 a.m. Thursday,  five hours after it was first reported. (IWN photo)
The fire continued to blaze at 7 a.m. Thursday, five hours after it was first reported. (IWN photo)
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Was evidence burnt Thursday night when at 1 a.m. a fire broke out at the yard that held the government building materials?

The government building materials yard at Arnos Vale and its offices went up in smoke Thursday night and perhaps along with all the records of who received building materials from government stocks, some say as bribes to vote for the Unity Labour Party.

The site is totally destroyed just like the buildings in Kingstown that we later came to learn contained passport and other records.

Also to remember was when important records also burnt at the Financial Complex, they said an electric fan caused the fire.

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Some of you may remember when I wrote about fires in the Caribbean. Those of you that did not read them here are some of those articles by me and others by iWitness News.

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Stored close to this yard are the two Argyle airport fire engines that should have been able put out this fire in about 20 minutes, but only one was used.

They were both used when Gonsalves flew into Argyle airport but one remained under lock and key as Arnos Vale burnt. During the Kingstown fire last year, neither attended.

Were the records destroyed at the yard required for an upcoming court matter brought by the NDP regarding election fraud?

At those premises during the night is an armed police guard with a big automatic assault rifle and other security guards. I doubt that someone broke in and set this fire, I also doubt it may have been set by a vagrant. Where it started was too far from the road for a Molotov cocktail to be thrown. Perhaps an electrical fault, or the guards having a cook up, or a careless cigarette end, or what?

Peter Binose

The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

7 replies on “Evidence burnt at Public Works?”

  1. Jeannine James says:

    The people of SVG will and must be allowed to live by their choices at every level. The ballot was only one of the choices they made. They sold even the intangigle and they did so at every level. They went according to their enlightenment and consciousness.

    1. Jeannine, the people have been brainwashed and their choice was made for them by one man. They certainly were not enlightened and were in fact unconscious to what their actions actually brought them.

      They were given a little building materials and forgot they had no jobs, they had to send their children out hungry and then beg for a small handout which can barely feed the family.

      The people are truly enslaved to a ruling growing family dynasty, which many youngsters during the next elections would have been born under the dynasty and believe that it is normal to keep electing them, they will know no better.

  2. When Senator Julian Francis says that the fire started at the old colonial building in Kingstown was by vagrants. Persons say that he cannot know that.
    Now the writer of this piece can tell us that Molotov cocktails could not have started this fire, due to where the fire started on the premises. How does the writer know where the fire started? Does the writer have the statistical data or is he speaking from experience as it relates to starting fires using Molotov cocktails?
    Maybe he is right and I am senile thinking that all the time as I pass the building that there is a low fence and the premises are small.
    Whoever started this fire, if it was arson, has done a grave disservice to the taxpayers of this country and should be held responsible and punished accordingly. Forfeiture of assets and in lieu of that public flogging by those who are indigent and could have benefited from the materials.

    1. Jeannine James says:

      Perhaps whoever failed to secure the premises that housed materials intended for the “salvation and relief of the poor and indigent” also has done a disservice to the taxpayers of the country. Was there any human casualty in such an efficient fire? Not that I am looking for casualties but was there any? Can the security detail shed any light?

  3. Jeannine James says:

    I hear you. The people chose and continue to choose their poison. I think that Gonsalves came to bat fully seized of the state and condition of the people. Better yet for him, he has a good eye on the “greed meter” and on the state and condition of those whom he flatters and uses in his restricted core. He knows how many pieces of silver for each. That sort of s*it is his day job and it’s no wonder that he has been unable to properly exploit the potential of the country for the good of all of its people. He knows how to pander to their petty jealousies, their social hollowness, their oneupmanship and such like. He knows what keeps those suckers awake at night and he panders to it. Like all who are privileged to lead and serve, he had a choice. I suspect that he chose to lean into his darkest fantasies. The people gave him and continue to give him the privilege. The reason for that might be a different story. It’s so I see it and it’s long time I seeing it so….with rare and very few adjustments. He cannot get his s*it done all by himself…. at any level.

    Even an innocent and casual chat with the ardent upholders tends to leave a mindful person in a dark place. Too bad for us all.

  4. Accordingly no one is taking Peter Binose to task with his sorry story telling lies, or answering the question “Evidence burnt at Public Works”? but seeks to vent their anti-ULP/Ralph/Julian
    frustrations like… “so wha’ else is new people”? Stewps! Alyo nah tired?

    No Peter, no evidence was burnt at Public Works, ONLY building materials like plywood, lumber, galvanize, steel wires etc, but NO RECORDS! Records and the likes are not stored there.
    Hope that answers your questions, Peter the trouble maker!

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