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Acting Commissioner of Police, Colin John. (Photo: Lance Neverson/Facebook)
Acting Commissioner of Police, Colin John. (Photo: Lance Neverson/Facebook)
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The Police Welfare Association could meet as early as this week to discuss a letter in which a sergeant of police complained about the interaction between his wife – also a police officer — and acting Commissioner of Police Colin John.

Head of the PWA, Sergeant Brenton Smith, told iWitness News on Sunday that he received the letter on Friday, but was yet to discuss it with his executive.

He declined to disclose the contents of the letter beyond saying that the policeman had given the police chief seven days to respond to a matter allegedly involving the aggrieved officer’s wife.

“It would be premature for me to say more before meeting the executive,” Smith told iWitness on Sunday.

Other media outlets in SVG have published various claims about various allegations reportedly made either by the policeman or his wife, allegedly against John.

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At the time of publishing this article, John was yet to respond to a request for a comment sent earlier Sunday evening.

It is the second time in just over a week that the acting police chief, a lawyer and former prosecutor, is making headlines for the wrong reasons.

Earlier this month, John denied beating suspended Police Constable Ettian Charles after Charles was arrested during the investigation of the robbery of Resha Twana Browne-Caesar, wife of Minister of Agriculture, Saboto Caesar.

11 replies on “Police group to discuss cop’s complaint against police chief”

  1. Suspend him without pay until the matter is heard, otherwise worse than that send him to take up duties on Union Island with rank reduced to cadet.

  2. Sometimes, as in the case against the Supreme Court Nominee in the USA it is obvious that it is nothing but an attack based on NO evidence. In this case it is different. The police officer’s wife has NOTHING to gain. In fact it could only hurt her and her husband. What about the other accusations against this commissioner?

    It is very often been stated that the SVG Police has vast corruption and that the most corrupt often move up the ranks faster. I know nothing about this Commissioner but the controversy alone further harms the police Department’s reputation.

    Just because of the many accusations against him, this man should resign; at least to save the reputation of the Police, that already has a bad reputation. It would be much easier to “clean-up” the SVG Police if it was not based so much on politics. It is sad that certain people believe the political party has more priority than the country.

  3. There should be an independent, non-partisan, non-police association looking into this issue. Police investigating other police is a conflict of interest.

    But, alas, as well all know, there is never any impartial investigation of allegations against high ranking people in our biased little country.

  4. Ralph should jump to his asstance and say baby don’t talk like what he said to wonder boy. At the end you have to come back to papa.

  5. We all saw the text messages between him and the lady. They were both flirting with each other, that being said the acting COP behaviour was atrocious. Any investigation should be done by an independent body.

  6. They say where a horse tie its,where it has to graze. What is wrong with that ? He is just grazing around the circumference and perimeter of the police community.

  7. Rawlston Pompey says:


    Not sure what the allegations are all about, but a Commissioner of Police has to be very
    ‘…careful; …watchful and tactful,’ lest he allows his ‘…ego or desires or cravings,’ whatever
    lead him down a slippery slope to destruction.

    In spite of human fallibility, a Commissioner shall always be seen as exhibiting
    ‘…Exemplary Behavior,’ both in his private and official life.

    The ‘PWA’ Chairman Brenton Smith was part of a panel (Radio Observer)
    discussing the conduct of a particular regional Commissioner.

    Readers might wish to know what happened to that Commissioner (Antigua & Barbuda),
    suspended from office by the Police Service Commission (PSC) [April 5, 2018].

    Simply Google:


    The Chairman and Commissioner might be encouraged to take a read for themselves.

    Let us hope what might be ‘…reasonably suspected;…inferred; …perceived or believed’
    is not contained in that letter. No familiarity, but wish the top Cop well.

  8. My crystal ball says nothing will happen to him. The usual government cover-up and farse. A pay-off maybe?

  9. Don’t expect any outcome to be favourable to the individual who have alleged that the Actng COP committed a sexual act or sexual harrasment against the officer. It’s all so common in the SVG Police force historically that senior officers always tried to get into the pants of Junior female officer, except for the first female cop . After they recruited the second third and fourth the sexual harrasment started. It was never broadcasted because the then Commissioner of Police Col .Sydney Anderson would not have tolerated that. The only high ranking officer that I knew would have tried to get in someone pants would be Major Roberts who was a dog anyway. They will use their Authority to pressure these ladies police officers . Very wrong in deed!!

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