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Farmer Hugh Stewart stands outside his house, which was set afire on Oct. 11. (iWN photo)
Farmer Hugh Stewart stands outside his house, which was set afire on Oct. 11. (iWN photo)
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The years-long terrorism of 74-year-old farmer Hugh Stewart in Collins continued two weeks ago with his house being set ablaze and several of his windows shattered.

Stewart, who lives alone near the main road bounding his 40-acre farm has complained to iWitness News about repeated acts of vandalism at his home.

In November 2015, Stewart’s office building and a packing shed in his banana field were burnt down and some 300 bunches of banana at his farm were cut from the trees and left on the ground.

The criminal onslaught at the man’s home began around mid-2015 sometime after he found a gun in a building on his farm and summoned the police.

In one of the first attacks on the farmer, unknown persons burnt two of his banana sheds; burglarised his house, left threatening messages on the walls inside his house; and set his vehicle on fire in August 2015.

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Hugh Stewart 5
Another area of the house that was set afire on Oct. 11. (iWN photo)

The latest incident came on Oct. 11 around 8:30 p.m.

Stewart told iWitness News that he was lying in bed, reading, when he smelled smoke.

“So I got up, I see smoke coming from the back door and the back bedroom,” he said.

He shouted “Fire! Fire!” nobody answered or responded.

He was went outside to check for some buckets, but they were not where he had stored them, having apparently, been removed by the arsonist.

Hugh Stewart 3
One of several windows that were shattered that same night. (iWN photo)

Stewart was able to get the assistance of a neighbour and they put out the fire, which had been set to the wooden door to the back of the ground floor of the two-storey building.

By the time he went back inside the house, a brown bag he had left on the couch was gone.

He called the police, who eventually came. They looked around, promised to return Friday morning but never came back until Monday, Stewart told iWitness News.

“It’s a problem living in this country now,” he said, adding that he did not see anyone around the property when he noticed the fire.

He reiterated that he has been having problems at the property for years now.

“This year more than ever,” he said, adding that in February, someone opened the pipe outside the house and knocked over some boxes.

He rushed outside, leaving the door to the house open.

By the time he went back inside, his wallet had disappeared, and he had to go and cancel all of his cards and apply for new ones.

Hugh Stewart 7
Stewart has had to board-up this window after several panes of glass were shattered. (iWN photo)

A fortnight after they opened the pipe again, but he did not go outside.

He called the neighbour and the police. The police told the elderly man not to go outside.

He stayed in and the assailant took a conch shell and broke a window.

“I still did not go outside,” Stewart said.

About a month after, they went into the house and got nothing.

About two weeks after that, they attempted another burglary, but was unsuccessful.

Three weeks before the most recent incident, they turned on the water. His brother was there and they went and turned it off.

The assailant threw the banana boxes down so they could get wet.

Stewart and his brother went outside and packed them up.

That same night, his assailants broke about four windows in the house.

“They want money. I’m the only person around here who pays lots of money for workers. So they believe I would have money on particular nights,” Stewart said, when asked why he thinks he is constantly targeted.

He told iWitness News he believes he knows who his assailant is, but said he would not give the name to the media.

Hugh Stewart 8
Yet another damaged window at the house. (iWN photo)

He has, however, told the police who he suspects is terrorising him in his home.

Also on Oct. 11, the assailants set fire to the curtains at a bathroom window and broke the glass in an attempt to enter the property, only to be confronted by burglar bars.
Stewart said he had installed cameras inside the house, but someone broke in and got rid of them while he was overseas.

“The man above helps me and other people help me to get rid of them,” he said of his assailants, referring to the shooting death some time ago of a man in the community who he believed was among his assailants.

He said he plans to live on the property until he is “ready to go”.

The property is currently being advertised for sale.

“So if it is sold or a few lots, I would move on, abandon St. Vincent, go back to Union Island. I have a nice plot of land. Five acres. I will build a nice house there and relax. My family come and visit me there sometimes. I travel. I used to travel a lot. I will resume travelling.”

14 replies on “Terrorists strike elderly farmer yet again”

  1. Godwin Friday will surely blame this on poverty and unemployment while the true causes are envy, greed, and poor parenting.

  2. This is really a very dreaded time in St. Vincent when it has reached to a point where our upstanding and respected icons in the form of senior citizens are being targeted and treated with such discontent in the very place that is supposed to be the comfort of your own home. I pray to God that whosoever is responsible for committing these cruel and unjustified acts of vandalism and arson on the gentleman’s property will live to suffer the consequences of their actions before they perish. “Vengeance is mines. I will repay”, says The Lord.

  3. why are you advertising what you are doing , where you are going and how much land you have ????? no wonder you have these problems , you talk too much clearly …….still tongue wise head

  4. Annis Oatelia Creese says:

    I really wish that this gentleman, Mr. Stewart, can get an IT person to connect his cameras to his phone and show him how to activate and use it. In that way he would be able to capture the assailants and post them on the Media for all to see. This is wickedness to keep harrassing someone who has not done anything to you. The man is minding his business, growing his bananas. Instead of finding work to provide for self and family they are distressing others. Not good. Mr. Stewart needs to burglar proof, make sure and leave 2 exits so he can get out in an emergency. Install the cameras again also. Keep his firearm ready. May God be with you, Sir.

  5. The authorities along with law abiding citizens of the community really needs to help this man by bringing these degenerates to justice

  6. Why you all referring to him as “the man”? He was and is Mr. Hugh Stewart. He employed many Vincentians and persons from other countries. He has made very solid contributions to his country and he deserves better. These people have no respect or values. If they can’t respect Mr. Stewart, they cannot respect anyone. Sad…

  7. Al you are an ASS. This is a senior show some respect and compassion, he could have been your father, brother, uncle etc. You are so full of yourself. Maybe you need to practice your own advice.. Still tongue wise head :)))))

    1. this is the problem with some of you ………. your biggest strength is your latrine mouth where every time you talk pure SHIT spew out of it . your lack of understanding says it all .

  8. Ralf Gosalves and his Lackeys will blame this on the Dr. Friday and the opposition. Don’t be fooled by them my people. This is what is called propaganda and spreading of lies and disinformation. It is alarming that the man noted that the police was of no help.
    People, don’t sell your life (or your vote) for a plate of food, you are better than that.

  9. What a shame that an elderly person is treated this way. I hope the perpetrators are caught and locked away and be obligated to pay for the damages to Mr. Stewart’s property. In any other country this would be a case of attempted murder, for setting the man’s house on fire while he slept inside it and, a proper investigation by the authorities would be done. But, In the comrades kingdom (comraddumb) this thought is but a pipe-dream (thoughts induces by the smoking of opium).

  10. :)))))) Now this is really sad because your post is a clear reflection of who you are. Stop chating before you hurt yourself. Hehehehehehe
    Don’t reply take your own advice.. Still tongue wise head.. :)))))))))

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