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Roneil Bobb Garfield “Yabba” Mofford and Tevin Williams

A montage image of this week’s homicide victims. From left: Roneil Bobb, Garfield “Yabba” Mofford, and Tevin Williams.

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St. Vincent and the Grenadines recorded its third homicide this week with the shooting death of a Richland Park man in his community Thursday night.

Unknown assailant(s) shot Roneil Bobb dead in the street in the Marriaqua community.

The circumstances surrounding his death are unclear at this time. 

In March, Bobb made iWN headlines when lawyer Grant Connell referred to him in court as a “two-legged rodent

On March 18, at Georgetown Magistrate’s Court, Bobb pleaded guilty, to a charge that on March 13, at Congo Valley, he failed to produce a buyer’s certificate for 150 oranges.

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The charge falls under the Agricultural Produce and Livestock (Prevention of Theft) Act, commonly referred to as the praedial larceny law.

Connell had caught Bobb red-handed on the farm.

The court ordered Bobb to pay a fine of EC$600 forthwith or six months in prison and a further EC$600 within a month or a further six months in prison.

However, he was jailed for one month for giving police a false name in connection with the stolen oranges. 

Bobb was shot dead on a day that an autopsy concluded that farmer Garfield “Yabba” Mofford, 50, whose decomposing body was found outside his shack in Dorsetshire Hill, on Thursday, died of chop wounds.

Mofford’s decomposing body was found wrapped in a sheet outside the dilapidated structure in which he lived on a field planted with sweet potato.

A resident of the community said he last saw Mofford last Friday or Saturday. 

Also, on Monday, Tevin Williams, 22, of Rockies, died on the spot after a masked assailant shot him in the neck around 8 p.m., while he was hanging out with friends under the Melville Street gallery of Ace Hardware.Thursdays killing bring to 16 the number of homicides in St. Vincent and the Grenadines this year. 

5 replies on “SVG records 3rd killing this week”

  1. Sad state of affairs in St Vincent and we say we want tourist to come to our shores. The two do not go together. They are mutually exclusive options. Our cherished constitution says that you are innocent until proven guilty. However, of the three killings this week, only Mr Mofford is worthy of our sympathy. My condolences goes to the bereaved. The other two are not decent citizens, the constitution affords them justice but will barely be missed.

  2. As Ralph Gonsalves, Prime Minister for the “family regime” travels the world, seeking to save the world as he puts it from climate change and there saving his friends from potential conflict.

    Travelling from one city to another, from New York to New Delhi, from Caracas to Taipei, Vincentians are falling victims to the bullet the Cutlass and the knife!

    It’s so easy for him to forget that he is the Minister for Vincentian Security in his family run Government of this nation.

  3. I thought we were going to have far-less murders this year compared to the previous years. We can all hope it will not reach the usual number of murders. I was beginning to suspect that the murders were just not being reported or that the police were categorizing them differently in order to make it not look so bad. Who knows? Wasn’t it last year also in September when we had more murders than the usual monthly average?
    Most these murders (but possibly not Mofford, in this instance) seem to have an economic connection: people seem to turn to crime to increase thier income. Even rape may be connected because some of the rapists do not have the money to “woe” the ladies.
    If we had a better economic policy, it is obvious that there would be a reduction in crime. For a further reduction we would have to implement fundamental changes in our society, for example a REAL Education Revolution.

  4. By the way, Grant Connell should mention all the two-legged rats that have degrees in law. He is certainly the authority on that subject.

  5. Mica country Montreal, Quebec Canada says:

    very sad state. Vincentians love it so. He’s a real travelling pope and pple sat bk with their lazy ass hole suffering while this man living Rocket lifestyle and his families and close acquaintances.. What a time miss Mackay say pon earth

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